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SVD's Operational Response to COVID-19

In an effort to help quell fears and curb the risk of spreading the Coronavirus, we at SVD are following the guidelines and requests of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Virginia’s Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS). 


     FOR OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS - We will still provide the same quality service and courtesy you have come to expect from us but in a       different way:

  • Please call ahead to discuss your vehicle or equipment needs and schedule a repair or maintenance visit. Call Jim at 540.292.7789 or the office at 540.487.9665. 

  • Please park on our front lot and lock your vehicle. 

  • Write your name, phone number, email address, and vehicle mileage or equipment hours on the front of an envelope provided at the mail drop slot at our front building next to the gate.  Insert your registration card and key. We'll take it from there!

  • To ensure our staff's safety, we will sanitize your key and vehicle before bringing your vehicle in for saervice.

  • To ensure your safety, we will sanitize the vehicle and key again before returning your vehicle to the front lot and locking it. You will know in advance where to retrieve your key.

  • We will ensure updates for you via phone and encourage you, as always, to call with any questions during your vehicle's visit with us.

  • Payments will be accepted via credit/debit cards or by check and we will discuss those details via phone. 



  • Incoming small packages will continue to be received in the office between 8 and 5, Monday-Friday.  

  • Our staff has been instructed to use only their personal pens when signing for packages and to avoid  touching delivery companies’ clipboards, iPads, or other electronic signing devices whenever possible.  If unavoidable touching is required, our staff will sanitize their hands immediately after touching those devices.

  • While we cherish our long-held relationships and friendships with our delivery folks, we all must keep our distance during this difficult time and keep interactions to a minimum for both your and our protection. 

  • For incoming large packages requiring forklift assistance, we ask delivery personnel to call us at 540.292.7789 or 540.466.0502 for assistance.  A staff member will be sent out on forklift to assist you and to sign for the delivery. 




    We appreciate you and the quality products you provide us and look forward to being able to resume our normal operating procedures      soon.  You know us and our needs, so in the interim, we ask that you email us with updates, products and pricing that you know will be      beneficial to us and our customers.  


     For all who honor us by your patronage, services and products, we are praying for safety and well-being for you and your loved ones         and hope you will do the same for us.


    Stay vigilant and stay well, 



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