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SVD Service Disclaimer

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Shenandoah Valley Diesel’s Service Disclaimer

We value your patronage and trust in our ability to perform repairs on your vehicle.  We want our customers to know and understand what we do and cannot do for your vehicle, namely:

  • While we always value the opportunity to repair our customers’ vehicles, it is imperative for you to know that we are not returning a new vehicle to you. 

  • If you were to come into our shop and tell us you wanted to spend in repairs half of what your vehicle cost new, we could pretty well guarantee you a repair job that would be trouble free.  We have never had that request.  So, we address and repair the customer’s complaints about the vehicle as they are presented to us and advise customers of any discoveries we make along the way that could pose a serious problem for them in the near future. 

  • We stand behind our labor and parts.

  • We do not warranty customer abuse or neglect of vehicles and the repairs we make.

  • If our repair(s) fail as a result of the customer not following our recommendations for maintaining them, we will not be responsible.

  • We will be responsible only for the work we do and the parts we install on your vehicle.

  • Your invoice carefully explains all that we have done to you vehicle

  • Your vehicle’s age alone will often present some undetected problems that surface during and after the repair process.  For example, sometimes just unbolting and re-bolting an electronic part can cause it to fail due not only to the age, but also to the many times it has been heated and cooled when operating the vehicle. Sometimes, we have to move around a wiring harness while working on the vehicle.  If that happens, it is possible that a wire or wires will break inside the harness.  Sometimes we have to unplug a sensor to make a repair.  That movement alone on older, brittle parts like these will cause them to break. Our technicians know to be very careful when working with these delicate parts; however, despite their best efforts, the brittle parts break.  We are not responsible for that breakage. We will repair the break, but we are not responsible for the break. 

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read and process this disclaimer.  You and we both want only the best for your vehicle.  That’s why we want you to know we lay our best on the line for you and trust you realize that we strive only to fix your vehicle, not cause you additional problems. 

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