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Introducing SVDs' 6.7 Powerstroke Ford Mountain Gladiator Engine!

SVD is now offering a power plant for your truck that will hold up through extreme use. This will be one of the strongest engines you will ever get your hands on!​

These Mountain Gladiator Engines have major changes made to them that make them a very tough engine. The engine is taken through many stages to make it better than bullet proof. 

We begin with getting the block prepared and installing billet main bearings caps. These caps are a better quality than the factory caps and help hold the crankshaft in line. Once we get the caps installed, we align bore the engine and get the clearances it needs. We clamp the main caps down with quality high performance main cap studs. The block is deck surfaced to make a good seal.

The crankshaft is worked to get the clearance needed to run 15W40 engine oil. Factory engines allow only lighter weight oils to be used. Using the wrong oil creates a disaster, because the oil can't get to the components needing lubrication. That leads to a major failure. 

We install high performance rods in these engines that are made to last and take the pounding of even higher horse power engines than this. The factory rods are not strong at all and bend over with not much stress. 

We totally go through the heads and install new valves and guides. Multi angle valve jobs are topped off with new springs and keepers. We surface the heads to help those new gaskets seal properly. Upon request, we O-ring the heads for the higher performance engines, and we clamp these heads down with high performance head studs. 

This engine is balanced to NASCAR quality stanards balance to keep it running smoothly.

Installed and ready to run, starting at $38,000!
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